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Baby Scarlett

I often get enquiries from mums asking if it’s not too late to photograph their three, four or five-week-old babies. I don’t see it being a problem. Say ‘hello’ to Baby Scarlett! As you can see from the images, Scarlett was one of my a little older babies…in fact, she was about 4 weeks old. Have a look what her session was like. 

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Those wide eyes show you that she didnt’t want to miss out on any of the fun. Luckily for me, after some soothing and swaddling she did finally decide to take a short nap for some parts of her photo session. Baby Scarlett was such a treat to photograph. It’s not very often that babies are awake in my studio, so I do enjoy seeing those sweet little eyes looking back up at me. 


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After speaking with Scarlett’s mum about her hopes for her baby’s photos, we settled on the pink and cream colours. We kept colours very neutral and used very minimal ‘props’ for Scarlett’s photo session. 

baby photoshoot liverpool

She was so peaceful and content while asleep, so I took full advantage and captured some pretty poses. I always wonder what they are thinking – I mean just look at that face. What do you think baby Scarlett is thinking?

newborn baby merseyside

Scarlett had the most feminine features and sweet eyelashes. I had to get a close up of those wispy lashes. This little lady is surely going to be gorgeous girl. Her Daddy is going to have keep an eye out as I’m sure boys will be lining up at her door.

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What are your tips for shooting newborns or “older newborns”?  We’d love to hear them – share with us in the comments!


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