newborn photos


Baby Plan includes any 2 sessions over baby’s first year (3-12 months) to help you continue to mark the first year of growth and create a year end product. Baby Plan also includes a complimentary family session anytime in your child’s 2nd year.


All the sessions provide 10-20 images to choose from. Also, all the plans can include a complimentary Facebook Timeline cover, slideshow video and a wall art design. If the plan carries on through the holidays, you might be entitled to a special holiday photo event exclusive to plan members.


First Milestone session – “Smiley session” (3-4 months)

It’s worth booking this session if you missed your newborn photoshoot and you wanted to capture your still tiny baby. It is all about showing off those bright, curious eyes and their new smiles! If you can wait, book this session when baby can push up on their tummy for the milestone shots.

Sitting Up (typically 6-7 month range) or aka “Tots” session

When baby is ready for sitting but not yet on the go, you can capture him/her at the roly-poly happy phase. Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they cannot crawl away! This is often an overlooked stage in baby’s first year. By choosing a Baby Plan, you’re making sure all those important stages in your baby’s life are documented.

“Standing session” (9-10 months) 

This stage’s milestone is all about standing up; if baby needs to hold onto something, that’s ok! Some babies can stand earlier than others…we’ll make sure to schedule this shoot for when your baby is able to hold stand for a minute or so at a time. This shoot is also about capturing your baby’s emerging personality, so we’ll go for lots of candid type shots.

One Year or “Cake Smash” session

The first birthday is a greatly anticipated milestone in every family. This session typically takes place right after or around baby’s first birthday and is a great time for a full family photo session and to capture the milestone of walking. Standing, walking and ready to take on the world, you have to capture this! We can also add a cake to celebrate his/her 1st birthday followed by a famous smash session.

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