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My clients always have many questions about the newborn sessions so I’ve consolidated some of that info into an easy reference page on my website as well as I email a Welcome Guide once the session is booked. Find out what that newborn session entails and why experience matters in booking your photographer.

If possible, I always schedule my newborn sessions for first thing in the morning – 10am or 11am. This is a time when most babies sleep more soundly. My cosy home studio is kept quite warm (about 28 degrees Celsius) for newborn photo sessions to keep baby comfy, sound asleep and to help regulate their body temperature so be aware that for you it might feel rather hot. Therefore, I often advise that parents should wear cool clothes for the session.

When choosing a photographer to capture your new baby, experience and expertise count and your child’s comfort and safety should be paramount. It only takes a fraction of a second for a baby to have a startle reflex and move, maybe to the sound of the camera or anything else. Therefore, only a very experienced professional should be handling and posing your new baby. I have both experience and expertise not only because I’ve had 2 babies myself, but mainly because I was trained to follow safety measures and standards and so, for example, I always shoot complex poses in the composite way – with a parent or an assistant holding the baby safely. Then my Photoshop skills come into play to produce the final stunning image. See the example below.

Newborn photos

Composite Image 1

Newborn photos

Composite Image 2




Final Edit

The head is the heaviest part of a newborn’s body and baby’s wrists and neck cannot support this weight for any length of time. Therefore, these types of shots should only be attempted by experienced newborn photographers, as they require a lot of know-how, skill and patience.

If you’re planning to book a newborn session, it’s always best to book as soon as you reach 2nd trimester (13 weeks). First of all because I limit my sessions per month to ensure quality service and products for my clients. And secondly because I schedule only one newborn session per day to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the newborn and the family. I aim to photograph your baby between 5 and 14 days old, but if circumstances don’t allow that, it’s not a problem either. I always will try to fit you into my schedule, so don’t hesitate to contact me even if you’re not pre-booked or your baby is a bit older than ideal. Every baby is different and no two photo sessions are ever the same, but in my experience I’ve never had a baby I couldn’t get beautiful images of.

The images show Baby Nancy who I met at her home for a Baby Session with Renata Kate Photography back in February… She was a very well behaved girl during her session – and her mummy, Carly helped me with some complex poses to ensure safety for her little one.

Thanks for reading and your comments. Have you got any other questions? Just leave a comment or send me an enquiry here.

Renata xx

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