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Baby Mylo in B&W

2 remaining spots for a photo session in October plus 4 in November and that’s it this autumn at Renata Kate Photography Liverpool Studio! If you are interested, click here to Contact me or here to find out more.

Which do you prefer –  Colour or Black and White?

Before colour photography, there was Black and White photography. The first photo was taken over a 180 years ago. I think Black and White photography looks awesome, but does not seem that popular among newborn photographers, which is a real pity. I edit my images in both colour and B&W – Black and White is so simple, yet so elegant. Such a different perspective! Not every photo works when converting to black and white though. I especially use B&W to emphasise baby features and to make new mums look even prettier in photos. Here are some interesting facts about B&W photos to appreciate them more:

1) Black and white photography was used up until 1930’s when colour photography was introduced.

2) Since all colours on B/W photos are basically different tints of gray, it’s sometimes also called monochrome photography.


3) Black and white photos have more contrast.


4) Shapes, shades, shadows, textures, and patterns are important elements of black and white photography.


5) Black and white photos help you see the story and what’s pictured on the photo since your eye is not distracted by colours.


6) There are still B/W only film as well as monochrome-only cameras.


7) Currently many photographers take photos in colour and then transform them into B/W with special software.


8) Converting to black and white will make busy background less noticeable and returns the attention to the main subject.


Newborn Session @ Renata Kate Photography – is a relaxing, calming experience for families that captures forever the essence of your baby’s individuality and beauty. This is a 2-4 hour styled session in my studio when baby is under 14 days old. Family and sibling portraits are included if desired.


 Gift Voucher available here @Renata Kate Photography

Thinking about booking your newborn photography session? It’s never too early even though it’s worth booking your newborn photographer at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee room on the calendar around your estimated due date.


Thanks xxx

A £50 deposit and signed portrait agreement is required to book your session. Paypal and all major credit cards accepted.

E-mail me at to begin the conversation!


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