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Baby Oliver – the joy of having your first child

Having your first child? Your life is about to change forever, but what about your baby? How does being a first born affect their personality and behaviour? (…both in life and a photo session:-)

The joys of your first born.  Sure, if you have other children, you love them as much and adore them as individuals all the same, but there is something unique and extra special when we become a parent for the first time.  It only happens once and your first born will always and forever have a special place in your heart. So have you ever considered how that might affect them …their personality and behaviour? In other words, how does birth order shape personality? We often hear: the only child has trouble sharing, the oldest is bossy, everyone babies the baby, and the middle child is stuck in the middle. Are these merely stereotypes, or is there some truth to birth order differences? 

Personality & behaviour of a first born child

As for personality, it doesn’t seem to come from the biological fact that a child is born first or second. In fact, it’s the roles siblings adopt that lead to differences in behaviour as some experts claim. Moreover, strategies that children use to get parents attention differ depending on their position in the family lineup, and us parents tend to reinforce these roles, whether we realize it or not. Don’t we tend to hold firstborns up as role models for younger siblings?

Out of the mouths of firstborns, it’s what my first born daughter says all the time: “I never get away with anything — not like my little sister does.” “Why am I always responsible for my younger sister?”

And what about us parents?

New to their roles as Mum and Dad, first-time parents can be overprotective and tentative while at the same time strict and demanding. I’m sure some of you reading this are nodding their heads in agreement now. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I kept a baby book throughout pregnancy and later on too. I treated it like a “bible” to look up all the answers to my questions, worries and doubts.  I haven’t checked it once during my second pregnancy nor later on and eventually passed it on to a friend who was having her first one 🙂

Newborn Session

First time parents put a lot of pressure on themselves and this therefore might affects their first child too. I quite often notice the difference between a first and a second born child in my photoshoots. The latter sleep much better, are more relaxed and generally tend to be ‘easier’ to handle during a newborn session. Their parents are not new parent, as they’ve done it before. They quite often sit back and relax in a sofa. On the other hand, first time mums don’t want to loose the sight of their precious baby and are super protective, which is so understandable. First time babies tend to be a bit more alert and sensitive because, as I believe, they can sense their parents’ feelings. So I simply say: “RELAX” and you’re baby will relax too.

Well, I so enjoy capturing families with their first child as much as families with 5 children.  I’m here to celebrate your family today. 

newborn child

newborn child

newborn child

newborn child

newborn child

newborn child

newborn child


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For more detail on this: Lorenzi, N. “Parents – How birth order shapes personality

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