Baby Olivia

I met Baby Olivia and her lovely parents, Nikki & Steven at their home for a Baby Session with Renata Kate Photography back in November…

She was very smiley during her session. Three weeks later, her images were posted in an Online Gallery for the parents to view and place an order. Since then, my services as a photographer have improved and I offer my past & new clients more – something new & unique – FREE WALL DESIGN CONSULTATION. Why? I’m trying to encourage my clients to order prints, wall art, photo books & albums through me rather than allow them to do it by themselves. Scroll down to find out my reasons …

Baby Photography


Baby Photography


If you read my blog “Bigger is better … newborn images turned into wall art canvas“, you will have learnt that I encourage my clients to order prints, photo books, albums and large wall art to display in their homes rather than store digital images. After all, they are a great way to display life’s greatest memories. In this blog, however, I’d like to explain the difference between a professional lab professional photographers use and a discount store lab available to general public; the difference is very important to me and my pricing.

All my orders are made only through Professional Photo Labs and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. I work with several Professional Photo Labs and offer a variety of products. I always obtain test prints from my lab as well as keep my monitor calibrated which helps to ensure that what is seen on the computer screen matches what is printed. This cannot be guaranteed, and sometimes is not even close enough to be passable, from a discount lab if my clients decided to print the images by themselves. There can be huge color shifts, variations in overall tones, and the photographer (me) could not be held responsible for the quality of the final images. I tend to explain that to my clients when we meet but I feel it needs to clarified again and again. So here are 5 reasons to order through me:

1) High quality photographic prints vs  Fine Art ‘Giclee’ Prints – professional archive grade photo paper

A Fine Art Print is a term used to describe an extremely high quality print. Fine art prints are often printed using archival quality inks and onto acid free fine art paper that will last for decades. It is the acid content in many papers that makes them turn yellow, brittle & crack over time. So they won’t last for your grandchildren or perhaps later generations to see.

In a nutshell, Giclée Fine Art Prints retain tonality and hue on archival paper that ensures longevity. It is used by many museums and art galleries throughout the world. This high quality printing technique is achieved with a combination of state of the art inkjet heads placing the finest droplets of ink onto a variety of textured Fine Art graded papers.

2) Fine Art albums with tactile fine art cotton paper and lay-flat page design that exudes style and sophistication

3) Coffee Table Book featuring unique lay-flat pages, heavyweight paper and high quality printing with minimal image loss across the centre.

4) Canvas Wrap / Artbox

Hand-crafted and photographically printed using a special process, the Canvas Wrap is an enduring favourite that’s built to last. Available in a range of sizes and formats, this popular product sits flush to the wall for a flawless finish.

5) Image resizing & sharpening for print

Yes, images have to be optimised for print – resized & then sharpened to ensure nothing important is cut off and the image isn’t blurry or pixelated.

So to conclude, I’m not only trying to help my clients “picture their pictures’ using custom wall displays in their online gallery, but I’ve also done my research and therefore offer products of the highest value & quality so that they can enjoy them for generations.

Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to your comments. If you’re interested in having a photoshoot or perhaps you’re a past client who’d like to take advantage of the Free Wall Design Consultation, click here to send me an enquiry.

Best wishes

Renata xx

newborn baby photographer

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