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Baby Reuben

Three things we love about newborn photoshoots: beautiful family portraits, neutral colours, and (of course) newborn babies! The first baby is so incredibly special in every way and everyone adores watching families welcome their first newborn baby.

Meet baby Reuben. He is the first child for new parents Leanne & David. Mum and Dad couldn’t be more excited about their new adventure as parents. So they decided to capture it in a newborn session. There is something so sweet for us as photographers to have the opportunity to meet a family’s first baby.

family portraits

Reuben barely made a peep during his photo session. We transitioned from set up to set up with ease.

I love the gray and cream palette mum chose for her son’s first photos. Grays and neutrals are such great colours for baby boys and make for classic and timeless images.

They will display nicely in any room of their home, especially the nursery.

newborn baby photos

Reuben curled up so snug in my newborn photography props. From the beanbag to the basket, he loved each one.

liverpool baby photographer

I just adore how his little hands are holding his feet while he is snuggled up in the bowl.

baby photography liverpool

And what about that cute bear hat? So adorable!

baby photos liverpool

What are your thoughts on this?  I’d love to hear them – share in the comments!


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Thinking about booking your baby photography session? It’s never too early or too late to get in touch! Sessions take place within 5-14 days after baby’s birth and my calendar is filling up. It is suggested that you book your photographer at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee room on the calendar around your estimated due date.


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