Baby Savannah – 5 ways babies communicate

From the moment of birth, babies begin to communicate in various ways. Babies might not use words to say what they want, but they certainly have their own way of telling you what’s going on. So anyone can be a baby whisperer…
Communicating with newborns is a matter of meeting their needs. If you watch what your baby does, it’ll help you understand baby body language and other baby cues. Then you can respond in a way that meets your baby’s needs. Your baby’s body language tells you whether she’s wide awake and ready to play, uncomfortable, fussy, hungry or at different stages of sleep. Eventually you’ll get to know these different baby cues and what they tell you about your baby’s feelings. This helps you predict your baby’s patterns.

That’s also how I communicate with your newborn during a photoshoot and respond to their cues which helps me to capture your baby in a smooth and safe way. This is often what I like to capture in camera too.

  1. Their smile means: “I’m happy”

newborn baby2. Their cry – “I need something”

newborn photography3. Their yawn – “I’m tired”

newborn photographer

4. Their cuddle – “I love you”

family photography

5. Their sleep – “I’m content”



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