Newborn Baby Photography

Bigger is better … newborn images turned into wall art canvas

A “Hufnagel” is a fancy word for showing the same images in a series of various sizes. I’m showing this because I wish to educate my client’s  and hopefully give them an idea just how small a 10×8 or 20×16 can be over a sofa in the living room or over a bed.

Part of me being a “full service photographer” is to teach my clients that images belong on the wall, in a frame, or an album but not on a disc somewhere in your drawer. In my opinion, having your photos on canvas is a classic and most beautiful way to display your cherished images – no doubt about it. When choosing the right size canvas to display a favorite photo, you obviously need to take into consideration the size of the wall on which said canvas will be displayed. You don’t want your gorgeous photo to look absurdly small and be dwarfed on your wall! Take a look at the following examples and think which size you would prefer on your wall. The picture featured on each canvas is of a sweet newborn baby boy…so precious! (Of course in the first couple images, you probably can’t even tell what is in the picture!) So do you agree that size does matter in this situation?!

Please feel free to visit the Pricing page to see the wide range of products and sizes offered by Renata Kate Photography.

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