Merit Award

Child Photo Competition

What an honour! I received a Merit Award in a 2014 International Contest in Newborn Photography. There were over 1500 entries and some incredibly talented photographers from around the world!!! I am so happy to be noticed 🙂 Considering the is my first time taking part in a photo competition, I am overjoyed! My this years resolution was to start getting my photography into competitions so I’m glad to have done it.

I am always incredibly busy and have loads of ideas for my photography. However, due to lack of time, my kids, workshops, newborn photo sessions and editing mostly, I struggle to find any extra time to make many of the ideas come into life. I continue to think about how to improve my daily schedule. When I create a plan of action, I put it all in my diary and try hard to stick to it. I never thought though that I would be designing and working on my own website, branding, or writing a blog. Don’t get me wrong though – I Love It! …and I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far. I only wish sometimes you could stop the time but then how long would I need to catch up with all of my ideas? So for now, get your art work out there and await the results. Good luck to me and other photographers out there…it’s not easy being a “clicking mum” but it’s definitely rewarding!



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