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1. The best time to schedule your pregnancy session… is around 28-36 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each women – and some women who carry small, or gain little weight may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks. Other women who are growing a bit more rapidly, may choose to come around 28-32 weeks. The idea is to come when you are nice and comfortable and have a nice round belly.

2. It is best to book at least 1-2 weeks in advance, but if you are near the end of your term and need a session, contact me so I can get you in; I never turn anyone away! So if you waited until the last minute and you really need photos before you pop, call me!

3. Where is the session held…You can choose from a home or location session. There are many beautiful locations right on your doorstep – from some nice beaches and parks to grassy fields or other locations that best reflect you.

4. What to expect…I make sure that you are comfortable with the various poses and each session is tailored towards your individual needs. Makeup and hairstyling are available for an additional charge too so why not pamper yourself.

5. What to wear…something comfortable but also remember these few key things: avoid logos and bold patterns as these can be distracting in photos. For partners and children, try to choose colours and styles that compliment each other, perhaps fit with setting or match your home decor if intending to print a large canvas or wall art.

6. What else…? As a natural photographer, the time of the day is very important. I like to shoot late in the afternoon ( last hour or so before the sunset) as this is the time of day when the light is most beautiful. Other times, however, are also possible.

As a “full service” photographer I offer FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION – a unique service to help you choose how to decorate your home with the images from your session (Read more here). Thanks to that, you will be able to visualise exactly how your images look to scale and in the context of your home. See my Pricing page for for details and to schedule a session click here.

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To get the best photos possible of your newborn there are just a few things that you should consider.

1. When to book your newborn session… The newborn phase of your baby’s life only last a very short time…So, the best time to book your newborn session is during your pregnancy (preferably your second trimester), and the ideal time to photograph your baby is between 5-10 days (or under 2 weeks) when they are nice and sleepy to capture those beautiful snuggly curly poses. I will reserve a tentative date for when you are due and when your baby arrives, you can contact me to book a definite time and date for your session.

It is definitely possible to schedule a session past 14 days, but your baby will likely be much more active and super curious about the camera. Newborns also start breaking out in baby acne, developing dry skin, colic etc. the older they get.

2. Where your sessions are held… Your newborn session is photographed in my bright home studio using natural window light. 

3. How long your sessions take… The sessions are always ‘baby led’. I like to start about 10am as this is when babies have the best naps. We stop for feeds and nappy changes as the baby needs it. Your session can take from 3-4 hours, allowing enough time for feeding, settling and nappy changes. Your baby’s comfort and safety are paramount at all times.

4. How to prepare before the session…

First of all, remember to fill out my short Pre-Session Questionnaire and Portrait Contract before your session, which allows me to prepare for you accordingly. Then, just relax and decide on your favourite poses you’d like me to capture and where you are planning to display your images. If you are breast feeding please eat simple foods in the couple of days leading up to your session as some foods can upset the baby on the day of the session. 

If you have any sentimental items that you’d like to include in your images, I try my best to incorporate them so bring them along. Not all babies will be able to pose in all props, some babies don’t sleep at all and others sleep all the time but can ensure you that we will get beautiful images of your baby.

5. What to wear for the session… I strongly recommend that you have pictures taken with your newborn baby. You may not feel like it then, but trust me, it’s such a precious time and a shame to miss out on. For family images with parents and siblings, I recommend plain, light, neutral or dark coloured clothes, but without much pattern or logos to avoid distraction. During the session it’s going to get very warm so remember to wear some cool clothes.

6. What’s after the session… I will post a sneak peek of your session on Facebook or Instagram so you are free (and encouraged) to share this with your family and friends. If your post receives 15 comments or more, you will be entitled to one complimentary digital image or print. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your final gallery (approx. 20-30 images). You can view your gallery via a personal viewing appointment.

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